Lux skin LED facial mask review | Skin therapy to prevent and treat acne and get younger and firmer skin !

My LED mask is a massive part of my skincare routine, I use this led lux skin facial mask weekly and cannot recommend it enough to my subscribers. I am not an affiliate of lux skin and this is not a sponsored post, all sponsored content will be mark as * Sponsored post. Sometimes I just like to write and review amazing products for my readers to learn something new.

Right now there are many LED face masks on the market, the one I am showing you today is by Lux Skin an affordable skincare brand with lots of great products for your skincare routine. This mask takes 30 minuets to charge and it will give you 2 hour use time, you can put it on and move around with no need to stay laying down. I like to do things while I wear mine around the house. Some LED light skincare masks sell for £1,000.. like woah ! Mines was only £ 40 pound!

Each LED Light colour has a different benefit for the skin.

  • Red Light – 620nm to 660nm wavelength – Great anti-aging benefits because of its ability to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Red light therapy also helps with Eczema and Psoriasis.
  • Blue Light – 410nm to 470nm wavelength – Great for acne treatment. Stimulates the production of oxygen radicals that kills acne-causing bacteria without damaging the skin. 
  • Yellow Light – 590nm to 630nm wavelength – Used to cleanse the skin, boost lymphatic flow, and increase production of new skin cells.  
On red light mode 🥰

The results I have from this mask have been superb, younger looking skin.. yes… firmer skin…yepp. Comments on how clear my skin looks… yes… less breakouts.. absolutely ! Would look into getting another LED mask in the future as I love the results this gives me. I don`t suffer from acne but I have heard red light and blue is fantastic for acne sufferers and if it can help someone clear up acne then this blog post has been worth writing. Let me know in the comment section your results with LED skincare. I would be curious to know how this affects others skin as it has worked so well on mine.

If you want to find out more about red light therapy and led skin mask here are some useful article links below :


How I save hundreds of pounds shopping online with the paypal honey browser extension | Save on millions of products! 💲💰🤑

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share with you one of my favourite browser extensions that helps me save hundreds ( literally hundreds ) of pounds every month while I’m doing my online shopping. I cant believe I don’t believe i done my online shopping without honey in the past. At first i thought it was just a few coupons or codes that you could save maybe like 5 pounds or so and didn’t see the point in installing it when it first came out. I thought it was a scam, I’m a really big skeptic but it was only when a friend actually showed me proof of the savings they had from honey and i was like wow!

In this post I will show you some screenshots of my savings and my honey profile so you can see how it works, its super fast and easy to download and make an account with honey and you can start saving straight away. if you haven’t had honey before and you get it because of this blog post.. then please thank me in the comment section after you save !!

PayPal Honey, formerly known as Honey, is an American technology company and subsidiary of PayPal known for developing a browser extension that aggregates and automatically applies online coupons on eCommerce websites

– wikipedia

Once you have downloaded the honey extension and made an account you can start saving on books, clothing, travel, hotels and cosmetics etc. Honey will do all the work for you and will pop up with coupons on eligible webistes as you are surfing and shopping. Your profile can be personalised to your tastes and you can follow each merchant that you are interested in, for instance I follow boohoo and holland and barrett etc. See picture below.

Above this is a list of the stores i follow on honey, you can access this by clicking the profile icon on top right side of screen that is pictured circled in red in the picture above then click on ” followed stores ” also circled in red on left side of screen, this will show you who you follow. You can see another red circled are ” get deal alert emails ” i have mine turned off just now as I follow a lot of sites and don’t want too many emails in my inbox. Honey applies coupons automatically at checkouts anyway so I can still shop and checkout without ever having to come onto the official honey website.

You can add items you may want to buy to your droplist which basically keeps you updated on any deals on the particular item, on the droplist tab you can also create a ” collection ” and name each after a topic of choice, like mine I did ” home ” and ” fitness ” etc. You can save items here for looking at in the future or to keep track of wanted items. i also have a ” gift ” collection for friends and family. It kinda feels a bit like pinterest when you are making collections but it is so great to keep organised.

To access your droplist on honey just go to droplist at top of page circled in red in the screengrab above and this is where you will control your droplist items and your collections. see above circled in red “ create new collection ” click on this to name your collections. So easy !

Above is an example of what paypal honey will look like while you are shopping online, the tab in the red circle will display all the money saving info you need for that particular website. I love seeing it pop up and also when I am in checkout I love when honey automatically applies the coupon codes.

Anything you are needing to buy you can easily search in the search bar and from here you can see your money saving deals, add to droplist or collections etc. The website has a beautiful design and functions really easily. If you have any questions or thoughts on paypal honey let me know in the comment section… Happy Saving !

Squeezable travel bottle set review | Only 1 pound from Primark | Budget Travel bottles for your adventures! 🛩🌍

Looking for a nice little budget friendly travel bottle set ? then Primark have what your looking for, for only 1 pound you can get a zip lock bag with 3 squeezable bottles and a cosmetic jar to store your favourite beauty products while on your travels. You also get sticky labels too which make it easier to figure out what`s inside each container.

I`m so happy with this travel bottle set from Primark, its so cute. Online its about 5 pound to buy a similar set. You can buy colourful sets and this one is pretty plain.. but it does the job and that`s the main thing. I do have minis at home, mini travel shampoo and travel conditioners but only in certain brands. So my two 30ml squeezy bottles could hold another brand of hair products. Moisturiser is also a must have for me, such as an aloe vera based one.

Curious to know.. what do all my readers take in your travel bottles ? any must have favourite product ? Let me know in the comment section how you organise your mini travel bottle sets and if you have a travel blog, feel free to comment your links to your blogs xx

What are breast lift exercises and do the work ? I gave them a try for a few months .. here’s what happened ☺️

Last year I lost a lot of weight and had saggy breasts, probably age playing a part too. My once perky breasts had deflated a bit and it was just not the same looking in the mirror. I just felt so bad I covered them up along with the rest of my body. Thankfully after a bit of digging online searching for ways to fix my saggy boobs I found breast lift exercises and thought why not try them out. I was skeptical at first. Getting fitted for new bras was a priority and I had a great time in Victoria’s secret buying some new bras. The girls were so helpful and friendly in the store and gave me lots of compliments on my “nice big boobs” but underneath I know they were not the same as they used to be.

After getting new bras and being told my correct bra size at a fitting I was a little more happy but I still wanted my firm and youthful boobs back… That’s when I found some videos on YouTube explaining breast lift exercises.

How breast lift exercises work

There are muscles beneath your breasts called pectorals, these muscles can be worked on to help lift and strengthen your breasts. Doing exercises that lift and plump up the pectorals will lead to larger and lifted breasts. Certain exercises targeted to this area have to be done regularly to see results. I also realised posture has a lot to do with how your breasts look too and I was advised to do some posture exercises as well as the breast lift exercises to get better results.

Exercises I followed

My results after a month

After one month of doing my breast lift exercises mainly from copying YouTube videos or from memory I noticed a difference at week 2, so the results were pretty fast. My boobs have a better position, slightly higher. In terms of size I think they are the same but somehow they look fuller. Along side the breast lift exercises I had done posture exercises which were very fun to do and made my back feel amazing, really amazing. Was whatsapping everyone instructing them to start posture exercises right away ! Haha I couldn’t recommend these exercises enough, they were so fun to do and very effective.

A Few interesting articles on pectoral muscles

Primark Review | P.S Soft Rose Hair & Body Mist |💕💫

This hair and body mist was only 3 pounds from primark, 150ml spray bottle is so pretty with its pink vibe it could easily pass as a victorias secret spray which costs triple the price!. This body and hair mist is a feminine rose fragrance with fresh top notes of citrus. A heart of peach and rich base notes of musk. Cedar and patchouli !

So pretty 😍

I have tried this on my hair and it is so divine, I also felt like the smell lingered in my hair as I have tried other hair perfume sprays before and felt like the fragrance faded. As for using this as perfume/body mist. Wow is all I can say the combination of fragrances is so divine, literally could not stop smelling myself. I keep going back for more. its such great value for money and you get a lot in the bottle, would recommend this product to you if your doing a trip to primark. I would love to spray this all over my body before I have sex 😝🤪

Primark tea Tree and witch Hazel Blemish Gel review ✨

Had a few blemishes on my face that would not calm down or go away so picked up this little blemish gel in primark for £1.50, I had saw it once or twice before but when I looked closer I saw it contains tea tree and witch hazel and I remember being told many years ago that woman would use witch hazel for breakouts on the face and that it worked very well.

It comes in a 15 ml squeeze tube, which is easy to squeeze just a little of the gel out to apply to the blemish area! It is also small enough for a travel bag and you can take it on holiday with you. Overall I had a good experience of this product, I applied the gel to blemishes I had for a few days and only a day later i saw them clear up then about half a day after that they were gone. I thought that was really impressive as when I have breakouts it takes up to 7 days or so to clear and applying creams only worsens the issue.

The gel itself felt really cool on the areas I applied, like a cooling agent, I tried not to touch the areas with the gel to give it time to work in. After 1 day i had a shower so it was washed off then. It`s a fast acting gel and I would recommend this to anyone who has breakouts.

For healthy hair, brush 100 strokes a day! Or is that really true…. 😅🤔💯

You might have heard some old wives tales about beauty and the 100 strokes one is very popular. Some say if you brush your hair every night at least 100 strokes it will keep your hair nice and long and healthy. In this post we will look at the science behind this claim and see if it is really worth brushing your hair so often.

Photo by Element5 Digital on

The sebaceous glands produce oil to lubricate the scalp and hair, brushing is a good way to distribute the natural oils through the hair to the ends, resulting in shiny hair after brushing. If you want to brush your hair when it is not wet then a bristle brush would be perfect, gets rid of knots and distributes the natural oils.

Using the brush to gently massage your scalp ( before shampooing ) can increase bloodflow which can stimulate hair growth. So maybe we should be concentrating on a scalp massage each night or brushing and massaging with a certain brush then doing a few strokes throughout the hair.

Using a natural bristle brush is preferable if you want to distribute the natural oils through the hair, also people with frizzy or very curly hair need to be using a certain type of brush.

So brushing your hair 100 times a night is not needed! what’s needed is to be in know know about what brushes you ahould be using for your hair type and when its okay to brush hair, For instance after conditioning in the shower you are best to use a wide tooth comb to gently brush through your hair, hair stretches when wet and if you have bleached or damaged hair this is when brushes can cause breakage. Overall you want to be massaging your scalp in order the create strong long and healthy hair!

Primark leave in conditioner review ✨

Primarks p.s pro leave in conditioner spray is a wee bargain at only 3 pound for 120ml, easy to use by just adding a few sprays into your hair and brushing it through from root to tip! Made with coconut oil and hydrolysed wheat protein, First off the wheat protein will hydrate your hair increasing its ability to retain moisture and also give shine and volume to your hair ( Overuse of wheat protein can add excess protein to your strands, leaving them brittle*). As for the coconut oil that is rich in vitamin e, fatty acids. This can nourish your scalp an aid in hair growth.

This product is great if you have dry or damaged hair, it will work its magic throughout the day. You can apply this anytime on your hair. I like to add my leave in conditioner and then brush my hair and put it into a ponytail or bun, when I used this product I noticed a lovely shine and after a day my hair was soft to the touch.

Overall this is a handy wee bargain from primark`s hair care range, it does exactly what it claims to do and the only thing is there`s not really a warning not to use it every few days because of the wheat protein content of the spray but that`s where beauty banter comes in to advice you and warn you. over use can dry out your hair. I would advice you to use this product no more than twice a week for your hairs health.

Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts, Which leave in conditioners do you like to use ? Let us all know in the comments section below xx

Primark Angled Curler Review ⭐

Angled curlers are new to the hair scene and Primark has jumped on bored to offer one in the haircare range for only 12 pound. I tested it out for my readers, have a look at the pictures below to see the results.

angled curler ⭐🌠

I test this out on a training dolls head and it was so different from using normal curlers ! It will take a moment to get used to curling hair with angled curler! Once or twice I burned my hands but it was a good experience overall and gave me great results, I toke small sections at a time and then styled the dolls head. It might look better if I had chunkier sections. When using heated tools on hair its best to use a heat protection spray, Id suggest using one along with this product. Click here if your interested in my heat protection guide.

First time using the angled curler ⭐✨
Didn’t get the ends properly 😅

The ends are a little hookie… So I need to perfect holding the ends properly but overall this product did the trick and at only 12 pound it’s a bargain. The settings are so easy to navigate too and it’s cleverly designed. Thanks Primark 😘🌹


Vinegar Foot Soak | DIY | Get rid of foot odor & toenail fungis with this simple foot soak! 👣

Grab yourself some white vinegar or apple cider vinegar and a basin or other foot bath, fill it with warm water and then add in about 10 drops of white vinegar and mix… Sit back and relax with your feet soaking for at least 20 minuets, watch some netflix read a book etc. Please be careful about the heat of the water!

Why would vinegar in warm water help my feet and toenails vinegar is acidic, which gives it antifungal and antibacterial properties which is perfect for destroying bacteria and fungis which love to attack your feet and toenails this creates problems such as foot odor, athletes foot, warts and toenail infections. Different types of vinegar contain varying amounts of acetic acid. For example, white vinegar contains around 4 to 7 percent acetic acid, whereas cider and wine vinegar contain about 5 to 6 percent.

Have you had any good results with this simple vinegar DIY foot soak? let us know in the comment section xx